The publishing house for those who do things differently.


What is Speakeasy Publishing House?

SPH is a non-traditional publishing house for the non-traditional author. At SPH, we don’t sell books - we sell authors.

We handle the entire publishing process, just like a traditional publishing house: but instead of paying you an advance based on your perceived ability to sell books (read: brand), we are the publishing experts that help you build your brand.

SPH works with you from ideation right through to your final manuscript - helping you create a marketing masterpiece with your experience and expertise...that people will actually want to read.

Our authors are business owners and founders from all walks of life, and in all stages of their career. What they have in common is their drive to control the impression they leave on those around them, and demonstrate their value as a business and a human.

The daring. The different. The ones who go against the grain. That’s who we’re here for.

You want your voice to be heard, your message to be gospel, and your business to become all that is was meant to be. You want to tell your story. And we want to help you tell it.


SPH clients do things differently.

You don’t want more clients. You want better clients.

You don’t want people reaching out to ‘pick your brain’. You want them signing up for your courses.

You don’t want designer business cards. You want a damn book.

You’re ready to take on new challenges, new clients, and new levels of success.

How do you tell the world you’re ready?

You don’t. You show them.



80% of people want to write a book - but more than 98% of those who take on a writing project never finish. A published book commands respect - and rightfully so.


Content marketing (sharing ideas and expertise) is six times more effective than traditional marketing. Elevate that content from blogs to a published book.


Building a brand is tough - a robust central point of reference (like a book) shows people who you are and what you stand for.


Whether you’re working as a consultant, speaking at conferences, joining boards or building your brand, a book shows you know your stuff - and take it seriously.


You’re here - so you’re either intrigued by what a book can do for you, or looking for a new way to get your name and brand out there.

You have a dream for what your business can be - let us help you make it a reality.


What are you waiting for?